The Newborn

Topics covered in The Newborn section include: Cradle Cap, Soft Spots, Birthmarks, Jaundice, Normal Rashes, Post-term Cracking, Breastbone Bump, Clavicle Fracture, Feet & Toes, Hip Clicks, Blood in the Diaper, Circumcision, Testicles, Cleaning the Male and Female Genitalia, Crossed Eyes, Red Reflex, Watery Eyes, The Normal Mouth, Thrush, Tongue-tied, Belly Button & Umbilical Cord, Burping, Colic, Formula Intolerance, Spitting Up, Umbilical Hernia, Feeding (Breast vs Bottle), Funny Noises (newborns make), Going Home Early, Overbundling, Pets & Babies, Sleep Positions, Thumb vs Pacifier, Your Newborn in Public.