...is the brilliant new book by Dr. Ivy Faske, one of south Florida's most experienced and respected pediatricians. This nearly five-year writing and photography (every photo was taken by Dr. Ivy!) effort, has been extraordinarily well received by everyone who has seen and read it.

Please check the slideshow below for a quick look at some of the informative and valuable pages. Then, click on the section headings above for a closer look.

This wonderful, and wonder-filled, book is 226 glossy coated pages, filled with more than 220 full-color photos of normal (and not-so-normal) newborn rashes, "geographic" tongue, sore and strep throats, the normal resolution of a hemangioma, chicken pox and shingles, different types of diaper rashes, conjunctivitis, fifth disease, eczema, hives, poison ivy, ringworm and so much more. It also includes growth charts for boys and girls, as well as Vaccine Information Sheets for all routine childhood vaccines.


While not intended to replace responsible pediatric care, it will prove to be an invaluable resource for moms and dads, allowing them to better discuss a child's medical condition with their pediatrician. "They Do Come With Instructions!" is the only book of it’s kind available in America, and every potential purchaser has said they will buy multiple copies to give as gifts. Everyone who has seen it calls it the “perfect baby shower gift.”

What Parents Need To Know about the Physiology, Care and Development of Newborns to Young Children